Alaqua Animal Rescue saves hundreds of abandoned petsDedicated to the noble cause of providing a loving home for rescued animals of all species and sizes, the Alaqua Animal Refuge in Freeport, Florida is a non-profit no-kill animal refuge that offers protection and adoption services for over one hundred animals monthly, as well as public education, outreach programs, and animal therapy. Alaqua is a wonderful place to visit animals with your loved ones and learn more about their uplifting comeback stories after facing years of neglect and abuse.

Alaqua’s Animals and Public Outreach Efforts

The efforts of Alaqua Animal Rescue began with a few cats and dogs. Now, a total of over two hundred animals all types call Alaqua their home, from guinea pigs to horses, all of which can be adopted for a fee that is in turn used to care for the rest of the animals in the refuge. Older animals—in particular, adult cats that are six months old or older—have begun to have their adoption fees waived in order to encourage more adoption.

Alaqua Animal Refuge recognizes that both our senior citizens and intellectually and developmentally impaired individuals often face the same brand of neglect, abuse, and loneliness as their older animal counterparts. In light of this unfortunate truth, they’ve developed a program that matches pets to human companions for free, in an effort to bring love and happiness to animals and people alike.

Whether you just want to visit or you’d like to take home a furry new family member, Alaqua Animal Rescue is a great spot for vacationers of all ages—a lasting monument to the kind, hospitable spirit of Freeport and the rest of the area all along the Scenic Highway 30A.

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