Emerald Falls Family Recreation Center

When looking for things to do in Panama City Beach, Florida, the Emerald Falls Family Rec Center should be very near the top of your list (The beach ALWAYS ranks higher – it’s almost a Florida law!).  Spending time with your family, however, playing miniature golf, racing each other in go karts, or thwarting death in the vertical accelerator may very well end up being the highlight of your vacation. Read further to get a better understanding of what makes the Emerald Falls Family Recreation Center so very special.

What is Emerald Falls?

Emerald Falls Panama City Beach is a combination miniature golf center, fun zone, and amusement park.  Lushly landscaped with beautiful turquoise water attractions, including a miniature waterfall, you will want to make sure to take plenty of pictures here, and most likely you will find it difficult to get your kids to leave at the end of the day.  The Fantasy golf section offers 18 holes of whimsical fun; it will be had to stay straight-faced at the sight of the giant purple octopus standing guard in the middle of one of the water hazards, and the authentic cave hole is more than just a difficult place to sink a putt – it’s actually quite amazing!

Three different go-kart tracks, including a 4 story wooden track (the Vortex) or the Formula 2 track which features 9 horsepower go-karts, will have you harnessing your inner Jeff Gordon and have your children laughing out loud.   Younger kids will have a blast on the five rides designed specifically for them.  The Red Baron Planes ride will have them safely flying high, while the Rio Grande Train Ride will keep their tiny feet planted firmly on the ground. Kids of all ages will giggle gleefully as they do battle with each other on the brightly colored bumper boats; we think the driest ones will be the losers in this water game – especially on the warmest of summer days in Emerald Falls Panama City!

Inside, the Alien arcade will bring back memories of your youth.  Remember spending hours on the skee ball games earning giant handfuls of tickets to buy special prizes to bring home?  Your children will get to experience the same fun and thrills, and again, you might have trouble getting them to leave at closing time!

The star of the attractions in Panama City, however, is a little ride known as The Vertical Accelerator – it’s definitely not for the faint of heart; if you can imagine what it must feel like to be catapulted from a giant slingshot, you can imagine what this ride feels like!   You and a friend will be harnessed into a yellow cage type of apparatus and then slung high into the air.  This is the closest thing to bungee jumping that the average American will ever get!  Safe, but thrilling, only those above 48 inches tall and weighing at least 70 pounds will get to experience this free flying fun ride, so make sure not to get the tiniest members of your family’s hopes up!

Memories that will last a lifetime

The world today is a fast paced one filled with activities that can separate and even estrange families, but when you visit Emerald Falls Family Recreation Center, you will rediscover the wonders of your kid’s laughter and remember anew the joys of your family.  The family that plays together stays together, and of all the attractions in Panama City, this one is the one that will draw you even closer together, giving you a family vacation filled with memories that will last a lifetime.